Salim Mansur

Dear Friends,

Like most Canadians, I am distressed by the state of affairs relating to our economy, our foreign policy and our relationship with the United States, as mismanaged by Liberals under the leadership of Justin Trudeau in Ottawa.

And like most of you, I fear the situation will worsen if Justin Trudeau is given a second four-year mandate in the upcoming 2019 federal election.

While the economy by necessity is the priority, there are other issues of compelling nature, such as immigration as well as the appeasement of those among us who reject our secular democratic culture, both of which imperil the security and well being of our country.

I trust many of you know me.

I have made a home with my family in London North Centre for many years. I have taught at the University of Western Ontario for over three decades, and during this period engaged in public affairs in the city through the pages of the London Free Press and the local radio and television stations.

I wish to represent you and bring your concerns to Ottawa. I believe we need to have open and wide-ranging conversations, locally and nationally, about issues and policies that affect us at home and abroad.

Most importantly, I believe, we must not be intimidated by political correctness to express our hopes and fears for our country.

You and I disagree with Justin Trudeau and his Liberals in the manner in which they are ideologically motivated to change Canada not for the better, nor in keeping true to those values that made our country an exemplar of civility and decency in a much troubled world.

You and I agree we urgently need a government in Ottawa that genuinely and without any apology represent Canadians. This begins, for you and me, in London North Centre. Let us together make it happen.



Salim Mansur for London North Centre