Dear Fellow Conservative:

This is an urgent appeal to Conservative Party of Canada members in London to nominate Dr. Salim Mansur as the Conservative candidate for London North Centre in the upcoming 2019 election. A nomination meeting is soon to be announced and your participation is vital.

Because there is a major deficit in the kind of representation Canadians need at this particular time, the federal Conservative caucus, the Parliament of Canada, and the residents of both London North Centre and the rest of Canada require a parliamentarian with Salim Mansur’s qualifications and determination who can advise as well as advocate on the urgent matters facing our nation at this critical time.

Since first arriving in Canada to escape persecution in his former homeland, Salim, as a young man never looked back. To him, Canada was the land of the free. Freedom of conscience, of speech, of the press, and freedom to believe and worship as one pleases. Hence, his choice of study and his emphasis on teaching, writing and research in the political realm. His devotion to Canada with its traditions and values finds expression in his journalism, lectures, writings and books. His convictions regarding liberal democracy, pluralism and individual liberties are at the root of his desire to conserve that which is noble and challenge that which threatens it.

Dr. Mansur and his family are London ratepayers and long-time local residents - living and working in London North Centre over 30 years, sharing in the experiences and frustrations of Londoners and all Canadians regarding the economy, taxes, jobs, and our quality of life. Equally, like most Canadians, the Mansur family is concerned about the preservation of our national identity, sovereignty and security.

An avid supporter of basic human rights and the equality of all before the law, Salim is a vocal advocate locally, nationally and internationally for those who need a strong voice in their defence. His record of humanitarian work and the awards he has received are a testament to his actions as one who ‘walks the talk’ and demonstrates he will represent his constituents vigorously and without compromise.

As a member of the Conservative caucus and a specialist in foreign and Middle Eastern affairs, Salim will be able to contribute substantially to the many issues affecting our relationships with our allies and neighbours, as well as the concerns about the integrity of our borders and those violating them. Compassion, combined with safe practices, plus merit-based choices need to be re-introduced to our immigration system, including common-sense when it comes to so-called ‘diversity’ and ‘multi-culturalism’.

Salim Mansur is both a strong fiscal and social conservative, and a team player who will actively promote Andrew Scheer’s agenda, policies and platform based on conservative principles and the will of the people. The challenge in 2019 will be the greatest our Party and the Canadian voter may ever have to face.

You can make a difference by making sure your membership is current, assisting the Salim Mansur nomination campaign financially, selling memberships, voting for Salim, and joining our volunteers to get out the vote at the nomination meeting.

Sincerely yours

Susan Cassan and Richard J. Van Seters    

Co-chairs, Salim Mansur Nomination Campaign


November 28, 2018