At this critical time in Canada, we need leaders who will pursue three key areas:

- Economic growth

- Greater security

- Vigorous protection of individual freedoms

I’ve done this as a commentator and academic, and will do so as a member of parliament should I win the nomination and be elected to serve.

The principles that frame my platform are the founding values that went into the making of Canada and have made her one of the most envied countries in the world. Sir John A. Macdonald spoke about “peace, order, and good government” in administering Canada, and Sir Wilfrid Laurier emphasized the abiding value of the “art of compromise” requiring vision and courage to hold the Canadian federation together. We need to faithfully abide by them, as in eroding, abridging, or abandoning them we weaken and diminish Canada.

Economic Growth

Canada needs to see the economy grow, and London North Centre residents need a climate that will create jobs and allow business to prosper. Here are some of the ways I’ll make sure to do this.

- Support construction of pipelines to bring jobs to Canadians—including Londoners

- Make Canada an energy powerhouse in the world

- End dependency on blood-stained oil from the ethically bankrupt Middle Eastern oil producers, especially Saudi Arabia

Greater Security

Canada must have greater security from enemies foreign and domestic, in part by restoring integrity to the immigration process through more stringent vetting and the restriction of illegal migration into Canada.

- Londoners and Canadians, without exception, want safe and crime-free streets, schools and neighbourhoods. We need to make certain our immigration and refugee system is not undermined and abused by drug cartels engaged in criminal activity such as human trafficking or networks of global terrorists

- Prosecute all ISIL terrorists of Canadian origin on returning to Canada from the Middle East and North Africa, and not return them to our streets until they have served mandatory prison time

- Secure our borders from the flow of illegal migrants

- Require our present and all future policies dealing with immigration to be adopted only after they have been fully discussed and debated in parliament

Protecting Freedoms

Canada must vigorously protect the freedoms and individual rights of Canadians as enshrined in our Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

- Revoke motion M-103, which privileges only one group of Canadians (Muslims) and their religion (Islam) above the rest, and declares any public discussion considered by this group of Canadians to be Islamophobia or hate speech

- Declare any garment worn that covers the full face to be un-Canadian, requiring its removal in public spaces

- Freedom on the basis of individual rights is most precious to all Londoners and Canadians. Any abridgement of our Charter rights unless security of Canada itself is threatened must never be conceded

- Cultural practices in the name of religion, such as polygamy or unequal treatment of or violence against women, are deeply abhorrent to Londoners and Canadians and must not be tolerated on the basis of multiculturalism

- The sanctity of life and respect for the living without any exception must be given the highest priority in making and implementing public policies in Canada

Salim Mansur for London North Centre