Statement from Salim Mansur

Statement from Salim Mansur

Statement from Salim Mansur

June 26, 2019

Over nine months ago, I made the decision to seek the Conservative Party of Canada’s nomination in London North Centre, and submitted my paperwork with a $1000 deposit, as required, to the Party’s headquarters.

In November, the Party’s Regional Organizer told me that I could launch my campaign, and that all of my papers were in order.

On June 10, I received notice from the Conservative Party of Canada’s Executive Director that my candidacy had been “disallowed” for reasons not specified. This email told me I had a right to appeal my disallowance to the Party’s National Council. I took a few days to speak with my family, friends, supporters and campaign team. I submitted my appeal by email on June 15. On June 17, my appeal was rejected because 24 hours had elapsed from receipt of the disallowance notice.

On June 20, the party announced the nomination race in London North Centre. This notice of nomination contest, released after the party formally disallowed my candidacy, has removed any doubt that the party had decided right at the outset that I would not be allowed to contest the nomination.

I was prepared to accept the result of losing a nomination, or losing the election. It is harder for me to accept that London North Centre members, who have donated their time and money and purchased memberships in support of me over the last nine months, will be denied their democratic right to choose their candidate.

Canada is at a crossroads. The twin forces of globalism and Islamism will unalterably change the culture and politics of our beloved Canada.

The damage that Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party have already done cries out for reversal. By disallowing my candidacy the Conservative party has indicated it will not even address the fundamental challenge Canadians face that globalism and Islamism together represents to us, and our children, during the 2019 election.

I am consulting with my team how I may serve best my country at this time so critical in Canada’s history, and shortly I will make known our decision.

Contact: [email protected]

Salim Mansur for London North Centre